Pacific Urban Legends with Amelia Rigsby

On Wednesday 15th August from 6 PM. Free entrance. 

Like once every month, we invite you to discover Fijian and Pacific stories at the Alliance Française of Suva, through this story circle. This Wednesday, Amelia Rigsby, TV presentator at Fiji One but also talented poet, will preside the event.

“Story circle allows every to tell a story, the theme we are talking around is 'connection', we ask that people bring a picture of a place/space/person they feel the most connected to, and people are given few minutes to share their story”.

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  • Testimonial

    "Learning French at AF is so much fun! The teaching method is great and easy to understand, especially for a beginner student like myself. The staff & teachers are very friendly. Mon professeur de francais est excellente!"

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