Opening exhibition "Language of Love" by Arvindra Sukul

Language of Love by Arvindra Sukul
Thursday 12th September
From 7:30 PM
At Alliance Française de Suva

Free entry - Finger food and wine offered

About Arvindra Sukul
Cultural Diversity should not separate us from each other, but rather Cultural Diversity brings a collective strength that benefits all of humanity.

Arvin Sukul is an artist who stumbled across modern painting in New Zealand by accident. That's when he got inquisitive and started showing interest.

Born and raised in Fiji, Arvin's passion for art comes from an inexpressible feeling deep inside him. Arvin is of Indian descent and he tries to fusion his paintings with combination of Indian and Fijian Culture creating masterpieces. His figure paintings mostly portray love and bonding between different cultures.
"A perfect example of Fiji".

Painting since 2016 his favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. Abstract, cubist and contemporary artists inspired his style. Arvin mostly uses rich exotic bold colors which provides his paintings a strong physical appearance.

Having studied Fung Shui Arvin believes coloures used innovatively can attract positive energy into our homes. This he tries to apply to his work to create moods of tranquility and harmony.

Arvins work has been exhibited across Fiji and Solomon Islands. Arvin has a home based gallery in Mead Rd, Nabua Suva.

Visit his facebook page: Red Cave Arts.