Opening exhibition "Connected Fragments" by Philippe Martin

"Connected Fragments - Spirit Animals", Painting exhibition by Philippe Martin (France)
Opening exhibiton on Thursday 25th January - 7:30 PM at Alliance Française de Suva

The Exhibition
For Native Americans everything has its own spirit (Wakan) but all share the same spiritual essence (Wakan Tanka). Their tradition also provides that each person is connected different animals that will accompany them throughout their lives. They believe that Spirit Animal is a living part of ourselves because we are all animals. The work of Philippe Martin is an expressive depiction of a close interaction between human and animal spirits that I conveyed in the form of Totems.
Why Connected Fragments? Still according to their belief, the real "us" is whole, strong and happy but parts of our own animal spirit have been fragmented, injured or lost. That same animal spirit suffers trauma, little part of it break off and are left along the soul's path through each lifetime in which it incarnated.
This is that idea of "Wholeness" lost, chased, and maybe retrieved that I intend to render in my paintings as well as in the serie of drawings I named "Trauma".
Finally, in order to meet with our Spirit Animal guides, calling for the 6 directions: Spirit of the East, the South, the North, the West, Mother Earth and Father Sky is one way of creating a sacred pace with intention of meditating. Philippe Martin portrayed those 6 directions and they are also assisted with their own calls.

Free entry - French wine and finger food offered.