European Film Festival / La Nostra Vita (Italy)

LA NOSTRA VITA by Daniele Luchetti - ITALY

This week and every evening from Monday to Friday, let's celebrate the European with some representatives of European countries living in Suva. Alliance provides wine and beer (5$/glass or bottle) + crêpes and/waffles (2$).  

On Friday 11th May at 7.30pm – 1h40 - at Alliance Française de Suva - In Italian with English subtitles
free entrance

Italian Drama Movie, directed by Daniele Luchetti, 2010. Starring Elio Germano, Raoul Bova, Isabella Ragonese

Claudio, a construction worker, works on a site in the suburbs of Rome. He is madly in love with his wife who is pregnant with their third child. However, when he finds the remains of an illegal immigrant under the site and doesn't report it, fearing he'll be out of a job if construction comes to a halt, it upsets his simple and happy life. In a rage for life, Claudio energetically fights against the injustice that fell upon him.

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