What's On in ... February?

This year will bring on a renewal for Alliance française de Suva. Keep tuned for news about our courses, that we wish to restart very soon, and check out our activities of the month!

Two ciné-club (movie nights) sessions will be on this month. They will give a highlight on the topics of LGBTQIA+ spectrum representations, and on the Black History Month, via two movies that combine such thematics.
Donations are appreciated for a contribution to our services, but is not compulsory.

We'll also have two more conversation workshops coming up on Fridays at 5pm! One is for the complete beginners (A1 & below) and one other is for the A2 & above levels. Come and join without booking!

Two more activities will be on this month. One is a celebration of la Chandeleur (Candelmas), with a moment of gathering for kids & adults, with a few games & talks for all ages and of course the preparation and degustation of our own crepes!

There will also be a Speak Dating happening at Alliance later on the month. Keep tuned for more details - coming soon!

See you soon in Alliance française!