English Language Assistant 




This program is built to allow students to discover another region and another culture by working with an English teacher, in a French school environment. It doesn’t target experienced teachers.
Moreover, it is a great opportunity to acquire a 7 months international work experience!

  • The role of the assistant

The assistant is expected to serve as a teacher’s aide. He/she is involved in the linguistic training of the students in and out of the classroom. He/she aims at creating an interest among students and professors for his native country’s culture. The assistant can whether work with a professor in his class or lead alone exercises or diverse workshops with a little group of learners.

The assistant can support professors in many exciting ways such as visits, exhibitions, school theater groups, publication of a newspaper, animating clubs and the development of teaching materials.

  • Operating conditions 

- Term of office: 7 months – From March 11th to October 11th 2020
- Weekly service of 12 hours
- Jobs available only for the secondary education
- Remuneration: the current monthly wage of a language assistant operating in New-Caledonia is of 1529 €
- Assistants enjoy the same holidays than the students and the French teachers (online calendar: [http://www.ac-noumea.nc/spip.php?rubrique64]

  • Eligibility requirement 

> To be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
> To be between 20 and 35 years of age at the take office (March 11th 2019)
> To be enrolled in a university at the date of application and have done at least 2 years in higher education
> Have at least a B1 level in French according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
> At the time of the visa application, the candidates must provide a criminal record of less than 3 months 
> Preferably, the candidates should be single because the assistant's wage is not enough to support dependants 

For more information or application, please contact Mr Thomas FELDSTEIN at director@af-fiji.org