French courses for Adults

These classes focus on the development of all four core language skills: speaking,listening, reading and writing.

Classtime will cover all four skills with a focus on speaking and listening and homework tasks will focus on the development of reading and writing skills.

Please note that the standard courses cover a broad range of topics.
We recommend that you take a look at our Private tuition if you wish to focus on a specific topic.

Standard course are twice a week, 4hours  per week over 10 weeks

Standard courses run for one term and cost $9 to 13/hour

Textbooks not included. They can be purchased  at reception.

New to French?

If you have no or very litte French you must register in Beginners 1

Some French experience?

If you have some French you must take a free placement test,  call us so that we can ascertain your level of French and place you in the most suitable class level.

All levels!

Our level progression and teaching philosophy are in line with the recommendations and guidelines of the CEFR., an international scale of level progression.


Class size is limited to 10 to 14 students (depending on level and type of class), with an average of 5 to 8 students per class. This allows a genuine learner-focused approach.


- Courses may include a final examination and be rewarded by an official Certificate of Attendance from The Alliance Française.
- Students who have reached a defined standard may also register for the internationally recognised DELF exams available at the Alliance Française of Suva which is the only Examination Centre in the French language in Fiji.


- The AF de Suva has over 28 years’ experience in teaching French and belongs to a worldwide network established since 1883 to promote French language and culture in 136 countries.
- The AF de Suva employs and trains native French teachers in Fiji.
- The AF de Suva  is not only a school but a Cultural Centre and provides a real French experience more than a regular tuition. Your course with us entitles every participant to a Alliance Française Membership that includes borrowing rights in our French Multimedia Library and its reference materials, as well as preferential access to the  cultural events we organise each year.

Term 4 2017
from 25th of September till 30th of November

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Get 10% discount if you pay and register before 15th of September!

  For more information, contact us:
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> Phone: (679) 331 3802

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    "Learning French at AF is so much fun! The teaching method is great and easy to understand, especially for a beginner student like myself. The staff & teachers are very friendly. Mon professeur de francais est excellente!"

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