French Cooking for Kids 

Wednesday 25th October 3pm till 5pm. Free entrance. Open for kids from 6y.o to 10 y.o.

Register in advance with William (tel : 777 12 76 / email : Limited number of places – first arrived, first served !

Alliance Française of Suva and Mélanie invite kids from Suva to discover French cuisine, and notably some basic and traditional recipes from South East of France. We will explore the gastronomy of Marseille, French Riviera and the Arrière Pays niçois.

The group will discover different recipes, prepare them and of course eat the just prepared dishes and cakes. This cuisine session will be in English and French.

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  • Testimonial

    "Learning French at AF is so much fun! The teaching method is great and easy to understand, especially for a beginner student like myself. The staff & teachers are very friendly. Mon professeur de francais est excellente!"

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