Spanish Film Festival in Fiji

The Spanish Embassy to Fiji and Alliance Française of Suva invite you to the first Spanish Film Festival in Fiji, from Tuesday 31st October till Friday 3rd November.

Free entrance (from Wednesday to Friday), refreshments and cakes offered.

The program is as follow : 

       Tuesday 31st October (private event - on invitation only): Garbo: El Espía / Garbo: The Spy, Spanish documentary directed by Edmond Roch, 2009.

        Wednesday 1st November (7.30pm - free entrance): El método / The Method , Spanish drama comedy directed by  Marcelo Piñeyro, 2005.

         Thursday 2nd November (7.30pm - free entrance): La isla mínima / Marshland, Spanish thriller directed by  Alberto Rodríguez, 2014.

          Friday 3rd November (7.30pm - free entrance): Las aventuras de Tadeo JonesTad, the Lost Explorer, Spanish animation movie directed by Enrique Gato, 2012.

Follow the Spanish Embassy to Fiji : Twitter: @SpaininFiji

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