Talk with Swaran Ravindra - Finding Women of Courage

Tuesday 19th September - 6pm - free entrance @ Alliance Française of Suva. Refreshments offered.

"Finding Women of Courage"

Have you ever thought of creating your "bucket list"?? Did you ever think of creating it earlier to “help you live happily” rather than “prepare to die a happy person”? How do we strategize to conquer the items on our bucket list? Is there really a “happily ever after”, or do we create one ourselves, our “forever now”.

How do we meet other people with similar dreams, while in the pursuit of our own? How is it possible to connect with people even if you have never met before and live 1000s of miles apart. How do they learn that about other people in the pacific who learn so much from their strength and perseverance?

Let’s go through a journey, driven by passion and purpose of finding women who break the norms, who fight to survive, who work for a greater positive change, who teach how to see life through a realistic, yet beautiful perspective.  

Acid Attacks have increasingly become a ferocious hate crime, mostly perpetrated against women. It is no longer limited to just developing countries. Let’s talk about this heinous crime, the victim, or rather survivors who stood up and fought against these atrocities, and who keep lifting other women and girls through their amazing initiatives

Let’s talk about their battles and how they not only survive but strive to change the superficial beauty benchmarks imposed by society.


Ms. Swaran S. Ravindra

Current Profession: Training Officer, Fiji National University

Teaching/Subject Area: Information Technology

Evaluator: Fiji Business Excellence Awards

President: Software Foundation Fiji


  • Master of Science in Information Systems (by Thesis-Topic: Medical Informatics for a Developing Nation‐ Exploring Open Source EMR on Cloud for Government Hospitals in Fiji)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems ‐University of the South Pacific
  • Bachelor of Commerce - Management and Information Systems – University of the South Pacific/Fiji National University

Can also be discussed during this event :

           Masters Topic: Medical Informatics in Fiji. What we have and what we can do

         Current PHD Topic: Assistive Technology for the Inclusivity of Persons with Special Needs in Fiji. Various forms of disabilities and the avenues of support

(source : Swaran Ravindra)

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