Yoga  Classes with Cloud in August

Monday 14th (beginners) and Monday 28th  (advanced level) August from 4pm to 5.30pm – 15$.

People should bring their own yoga mate.

Registration in advance with William ( or 777 12 76).

Cloud, your Yoga Teacher.

'Cloud is a professional dancer that started Hatha Yoga practice in 2008 as part of her physical preparation for performances. She soon recognized benefits for her body, career and wellbeing and decided to dive deeper into yogic philosophies and teaching.

In 2013, she became a certified Yoga Teacher in the tradition of Sivananda Yoga and began to interlace her dance career with Yoga. A journey to India led her to Fiji, where she now resides. Today Cloud teaches private and corporate Yoga classes in Suva and offers regular Yoga Retreats on Ovalau Island for locals and expats.'

This Yoga session.

'The Yoga Vibe!

According to Yoga wisdom, everything in the Universe vibrates.

In this Yoga class, you are going to discover the magnificence of letting your body vibrate at a higher amplitude. Focusing on stretching and strengthening the entire body, music and sounds are going to assist you in your practice - a chance to feel your body and mind in a different way.  

Don’t be shy and let’s create wonderful vibrations together.'

Source : Cloud.

Cloud during a yoga retreat in Kauwai

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